Terms and Conditions

To allow Cablewatch Ltd access to the premises for the reason of maintaining, auditing or repossessing of any equipment installed.

Not take part in any act that is an infringement of copyright or record or re- broadcast the service provided.

That termination of the contract will not affect the rights of Cablewatch Ltd to pursue damages or monies due.

To be liable for any goods/equipment installed at the premises for the provision of the operators service.

To accept email correspondence, Web updates or Text overlays on channels as confirmed written notification.

Cablewatch Ltd will not be held liable for breach of service or contract beyond our reasonable control including any third party actions or failures to supply essential services, or acts of God, industrial disputes, or natural disasters.


Customers will be disconnected from service in the following circumstances :

If the customer is found to be running a phishing service or other service that is illegal.

If the customer is in arrears of payments due to the provider.

If the provider discovers a breach of contract or agreements as outlined above.

If it becomes impossible or impractical to continue service provision then the service will be disconnected and any monies paid in advance will be refunded to the customer.



Our aim is to complete Installations within the time agreed with the customer. (There may be cases where this is not possible when work is required from other telecommunications companies or site developers) We expect to complete installations within 10 working days from agreement of contract.

We expect to repair Services faults within the time agreed with the customer, normally no longer than two working days.



  • Invoicing is by email only
  • Customers availing of services after 14 days will be deemed to be in acceptance with terms and conditions
  • Broadband speeds may vary depending on your location
  • Broadband fair usage policy applies
  • Cancellation of services before the due date will incur a penalty of €300 or the remaining sum due for services outstanding, being which ever is the greater
  • Modems and Set Top Boxes not returned in good working condition will incur a equipment not returned charge of €200.00
  • Requests to cancel services should be sent to accounts@cablewatch.tv
  • Notice period of 30 days of last payment is required when cancelling service
  • In April each year, the price of your plan will increase by the rate of inflation (CPI) plus 4%
  • Free phone service is in conjunction with our broadband service using Internet Apps
  • Landline phone service is with our partner Blueface
  • The Cablewatch broadband service is a residential service and customers found to be abusing the service and utilising it for commercial purposes such as a server for web based businesses will be disconnected or have their speed restricted.
  • 500Mb service is based on an 80% percentile basis
  • A charge of €15 is applicable where Broadband services are upgraded or downgraded
  • We guarantee the cheapest price subject to site survey and confirmation of other quotes

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